was the first drum-bike made before the cycOZ even existed. This rig came into being to form part of the Samba Blisstas – a community Carnaval band led by the late and great maestro… Paul Barrett


came into the cycOZ fold as a freak exercise bike, and has since undergone several mutations – initially into SAMBike (carrying high and low tone samba drums, and a timbal), further evolving into IN-VINCI-BEE hosting two large steel 40 gallon pounding drums, into it’s 3rd life-cycle of the BIG-CICADA. Who knows what it will transform into next?…


was initially known as “Bike-Quake” delivering battery powered sound amplification for SAW-HIP and other musical devices. Eventually growing wings and a beak and recycled into a drumming platform for TU!


Re-Born from the street, a compilation of Kerbside Collection salvaged – bikes, childrens playset, and some recycled pvc pipe! The full version has 2 sets of 2 octaves, and can host 2 players and two riders. The largest cycOZ beast so far!… waiting to be released into the urban jungle…


Ear blowing hip movements and percussive saw waves through the air, not the trees!


at last the first tall-bike!


second attempt, double the fun!